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State and Society in Ottoman Syria: an Historiographical Overview with Chris Gratien

36. 400 Years of Ottoman Rule in Syria.

From 1516 to 1918, most of Greater Syria (also known as Bilad al-Sham, the Levant), which includes modern-day Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel and Jordan, was under Ottoman rule. However, this rule took many forms throughout those four centuries as the Empire and its communities transformed and evolved. In this episode, Chris Gratien provides a historiographical overview of some of the major events, figures, topics and themes in the history of Ottoman Syria, which will serve as a backdrop for subsequent investigation.

Chris Gratien is a PhD candidate at Georgetown University studying the history of the modern Middle East (see

Citation: "State and Society in Ottoman Syria," Chris Gratien, Ottoman History Podcast, No. 36 (September 28, 2011)

Note for the listener: This podcast is not primarily a work of primary source research. It is a synthesis of publicly available information and draws extensively from the following works below, which are also mentioned during the course of the episode. For the purposes of academic citation, we encourage you to consult these works. 

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