Oct 31, 2014

Saharan Jews in French Algeria

with Sarah Stein

hosted by Alma Heckman

Crosslisted from tajine

The 1870 Crémieux Decree extended French citizenship to most, but not all, of Algeria's Jewish population. The Jews of the M'zab Valley were excluded from this legislation. As Professor Sarah Abrevaya Stein explains in this episode, this was due to a complex web of historical confluences including the chronology of conquest, shifting military and administrative structures for French Algerian rule, and perceptions of Jewish, Arab and Berber indigeneity. This story, while anchored in the local, participates in wider discussions of international Jewish philanthropies, decolonization, citizenship, belonging and marginality amid rapidly shifting global conditions.

Oct 26, 2014

Osmanlı Toplumunda Çocukluk

Yahya Araz
This episode is part of a series on Women, Gender, and Sex in Ottoman history

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Osmanlı'da çocukluk algısının  olup olmadığı son dönem tarih yazıcılığında sıkça sorulan sorular arasındadır. Bu bölümde Yahya Araz bize çocukların sadece küçük insanlar olmanın ötesinde Osmanlı'da çocukluk tanımının çerçevesini oluşturan toplumsal, hukuki ve biyolojik etmenleri anlatıyor.

Oct 17, 2014

Syrian University Students and the Impacts of War

with Keith Watenpaugh

hosted by Chris Gratien

The war in Syria has displaced millions of people, claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, and disrupted the education of countless students. In this interview, Keith Watenpaugh, a historian who has also researched the situation of Syrian students in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey, discusses the issues this young people face. He also places the obstacles confronting the “lost generations” of Syrian students within the context of other recent refugee crises.