Apr 26, 2017

Podcasting the Ottomans

Episode 312

with Dana Sajdi and the students of Boston College

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More and more, podcasts are appearing on university syllabi. But is it possible to conduct an entire university course that revolves around the podcast medium? In this special episode, we sit down with Dana Sajdi and a class of over 20 students at Boston College who are enrolled in an experimental course entitled "Podcasting the Ottomans." In our conversation, we take a look inside the syllabus of a course in Ottoman history that relies primarily on episodes of Ottoman History Podcast, and we get feedback from students about their daily engagement with the podcast medium and some of the most popular episodes of our program. Our student guests also discuss their short-form podcast final projects and reflect on the joys of learning through podcasts.

Apr 7, 2017

Military Education and the Last Ottoman Generation

Episode 311

hosted by Nir Shafir and Reem Bailony

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For much of the twentieth century, military officers have been the most successful political operatives in Middle East politics. In this episode we explore the conditions that gave rise to these figures from their schooling to the disingenuous colonial politics of the interwar mandates. Our guest, Michael Provence, speaks to us about the overlooked the military schools in the late Ottoman Empire that drew in an aspiring middling class of rural Muslims, quite different from the urban and urbane classes that attended the civil schools, and molded them into loyal imperial subjects. We then explore how these men navigated the complex politics of the post-war Middle East as the world that the empire they had championed for so long fell apart around them.