May 23, 2017

Early French Encounters with the Ottomans

Episode 315

hosted by Nir Shafir and Michael Talbot

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Orientalist representations loom large in the history of 19th-century colonialism and European engagement with the late Ottoman Empire. But how did the orientalist discourses of the late Ottoman period compare with European representations of the Ottoman Empire during its early rise? In this episode, Pascale Barthe revisits this question through the lens of 16th century French encounters with the Ottoman Empire. Through Renaissance period French accounts of travel in and political engagement with the Ottoman Empire, we discuss early Franco-Ottoman rapprochement and cross-cultural exchange pursued by French monarchs and subjects with the would-be eastern other of the "Turk."

May 19, 2017

Jewish Salonica and the Greek Nation

Episode 314

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Salonica was home to one of the largest Jewish communities in the Ottoman and post-Ottoman world until its liquidation by the Nazis in 1943. Historians often mark the beginning of the end of the Jewish community in 1913 when the city was annexed by Greece. Devin Naar challenges this presumption in this podcast by looking at how the Jewish community continued to flourish and adapt as part of the new Greek nation-state. Ultimately, the community was both sustained and limited by its continued use of the millet structure from the late nineteenth-century Ottoman Empire and its strong attachment to the city as a political space. As such, the interwar history of the Salonican Jews becomes an important study of the legacies of the Ottoman Empire and the types of politics it continued to create well into the twentieth century.

May 16, 2017

The Idea of the Muslim World

Episode 313

hosted by Chris Gratien and Abdul Latif

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In political discourses today, the “Muslim world” is evoked in a variety of contexts, ranging from pan-Islamic visions of political unity to a set of racist generalizations that present roughly a fifth of the world’s population as a monolithic whole. But as our guest in this episode, Cemil Aydın explains in his new book The Idea of the Muslim World, the very notion of a Muslim world is recent and requires historicization. In this episode, we explore the imagining of the Muslim World as a concept, tracing its early origins in the history of colonialism and the late Ottoman Empire and considering its transformation over the past century. We also discuss alternate geopolitical imaginaries and reflect on the implications of the racialization of Muslims.

May 2, 2017

Season 6 Report

by Chris Gratien

Ottoman History Podcast grew significantly during Season 6. We released 69 episodes between July 2016 and the end of April 2017, making this season the most concentrated period of podcast releases in our short history. Our core Facebook audience has grown to around 29,000 fans. And in addition to the incorporation of more new OHP team members, overall traffic roughly doubled. But Season 6 has also been a period of transition for us as we try to adopt a more organized and streamlined production process and experiment with our platform to develop more engaging and creative content. In the months and years to come, our listeners can look forward to many new types of episodes that expand the format and coverage of our project.