Our Editorial Team

Beginning in 2017, Ottoman History Podcast has instituted an editorial team of contributors charged with coordinating and developing the program. All members of the editorial team participate in communications and important decisions about changes to the format and website, scheduling of guests, and improvement in the quality of our content. In addition, each member focuses on specific tasks associated with the production process. The purpose of the editorial team is to improve the organizational efficiency of our production, enable our team members to develop additional production-related skills, and facilitate transfer of different responsibilities to new individuals over the coming years. Each year, a new editorial team will be assembled by consensus.

There are four basic functions associated with our operations. 1. recording (conducting the podcast interview) 2. production (editing, additional materials, publication, etc.) 3. communication (invitations, follow-ups, etc.), and 4. promotion (social media, listservs, etc.). While these tasks are spread widely among our many contributors, we currently have the following editorial roles defined for our team:

Editor-in-Chief: manages all aspects of project
Managing Editors: shadow and assist editor-in-chief
Social Media Manager: coordinates social media efforts
Media Specialists: focus on the development of our medium
Content Coordinators: focus on the development of our content

2017 Editorial Team

Chris Gratien, Editor-in-Chief

Chris holds a Ph.D. from Georgetown University and is currently an Academy Scholar at the Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies. His research focuses on the social and environmental history of the Ottoman Empire and modern Middle East. He is co-creator and producer of Ottoman History Podcast. As Editor-in-Chief for 2017, Chris manages all facets of our production process, and he is training the other team members in essential skills and tasks in order to facilitate the distribution and transfer of key editorial responsibilities. He also handles web design and much of the audio editing.
Nir Shafir, Managing Editor

Nir is Assistant Professor of History at University of California, San Diego. He earned his Ph.D. from UCLA in 2016. His research examines the intersections of knowledge production, religious practice, and material culture in the early modern Middle East and Balkans. Nir's current concerns as managing editor include facilitating and improving the production process as well as posting to the blog. In addition, he is working on pedagogical applications of our content and medium, and he curates our series on History of Science.
Susanna Ferguson, Managing Editor

Suzie is a Ph.D. Candidate in Middle Eastern History at Columbia University and is currently based in Istanbul. She is working on a dissertation entitled "Tracing Tarbiya: Women, Gender and Childrearing in Egypt and Lebanon, 1865-1939." Suzie joined our recording team in 2014. As a managing editor, she participates in all aspects of the editorial decision-making process and posts to the blog. She is a frequent host and also is co-curator of our series on Women, Gender, and Sex.
Shireen Hamza, Social Media Manager

Shireen is a doctoral student in the History of Science department at Harvard University working on science and medicine in the Islamicate Middle Ages. She handles our Twitter account and helps coordinate our Facebook social media team. In addition, she is currently training in all facets of our production process and contributes to our podcast audio editing.
Taylan Güngör, Media Specialist

Taylan is a doctoral candidate at SOAS in London. His interests are in Medieval and Pre-Modern Eastern Mediterranean trading circles and his research is on trade in Istanbul after 1453. As Media Specialist, Taylan is involved with developing web site content and podcast audio editing.
Serkan Şavk, Media Specialist

Serkan is a faculty member in the Cinema and Digital Media Department at Izmir University of Economics. He also completed a Ph.D. in History at Hacettepe University in 2014. He was recently a visiting fellow at Princeton University, working on a project about digital mapping of visual and textual narratives of Istanbul from the 17th and 18th centuries. As a media specialist on the Ottoman History Podcast editorial team, he will apply his background in media and communications towards improving our podcast format and audio editing.
Emily Neumeier, Content Coordinator

Emily is ACLS Postdoctoral Fellow in the Humanities at The Ohio State University and recently earned her Ph.D. from University of Pennsylvania. Her research concerns the art and architecture of the Ottoman Empire and Turkish Republic. As Content Coordinator, Emily records and arranges short segments to be included in podcast episodes as well as images and other material. In addition, she is co-curator of our series on The Visual Past and editor of the blog stambouline, a site where travel and the Ottoman world meet.
Michael Talbot, Content Coordinator

Michael received his Ph.D. from SOAS in 2013 for a thesis on Ottoman-British relations in the eighteenth century. He now lectures and researches on a range of topics in Ottoman history at the University of Greenwich in London. Michael is a longtime contributor to our Tozsuz Evrak blog, and as content coordinator, he is developing some of these articles as well as new material as shortform audio and assisting in the drafting of such segments recorded by our team.

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