Race, Slavery, and Islamic Law in the Early Modern Atlantic

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Notions of racial difference played an important role in the Atlantic slave trade and have left a long legacy well after the slave trade was abolished during the nineteenth century. Yet centuries earlier, an Islamic scholar from Timbuktu had formulated an argument against the enslavement of individuals based on race or skin color. In this episode, Chris Gratien discusses the life and writings of Ahmad Baba in Timbuktu and Marrakesh as a captive scholar of Sultan Ahmad al-Mansour. (cross-listed with tajine)

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Chris Gratien is a doctoral candidate at Georgetown University studying the social and environmental history of the Ottoman Empire and the modern Middle East. (see academia.edu)
Graham Cornwell is a doctoral student at Georgetown University studying the history of taste and imperialism in North Africa.

Episode No. 141
Release date: 18 January 2014
Location: Georgetown University
Editing and production by Chris Gratien


A page of Mi`raj al-Su`ud (Source: LOC)
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