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Season 7
Teena Purohit #319
Inclusion and Exclusion in Islamic Modernist Thought
Nidhi Mahajan & Jeffery Dyer #318
Indian Ocean Connections
Tamar Novick #317
Beekeeping in Late Ottoman Palestine
Kenan Tekin #316
Late Ottoman Translations of Ibn Khaldun
Pascale Barthe #315
Early French Encounters with the Ottomans
Devin Naar #314
Jewish Salonica and the Greek Nation
Cemil Aydın #313
The Idea of the Muslim World

Season 6
Dana Sajdi & BC Students #312
Podcasting the Ottomans
Michael Provence #311
Military Education and the Last Ottoman Generation
Peter Hill #310
The Nahda and the Translators of Damietta
Ahmet Ersoy #309
Everyday Life and History in Ottoman Illustrated Journals
Cengiz Şişman #308
Sabbatai Sevi and the Ottoman-Turkish Dönmes
François Georgeon #307
Les Jeunes Turcs: Sauver l'Empire et créer la Nation
Cristina Florea & Malgorzata Kurjanska #306
Frontiers of Nationalism in Eastern Europe
András Riedlmayer #305
Documenting the Destruction of Balkan Waqf Institutions
Kelly O'Neill #304
Crimea and the Russian Empire
Stefan Winter #303
Syrian Alawis under Ottoman Rule
Pierre Daum #302
Les harkis restés en Algérie: tabou et non-dits
Adam Becker #301
Assyrians, Evangelicals, and Borderland Nationalism
Baki Tezcan #300
2/17/ 17
Rethinking "Decline" in the Second Ottoman Empire
Angela Andersen #299
2/14/ 17
Alevi Religious Ceremony, Architecture, and Practice
Deniz Türker #298
2/12/ 17
Prefabs, Chalets, and Home Making in 19th-Century Istanbul
Massumeh Farhad & Simon Rettig #297
2/10/ 17
Exploring the Art of the Qur'an
Sarah Ghabrial #296
2/7/ 17
Women and Colonial Legal Pluralism in Algeria
Arthur Asseraf #295
1/23/ 17
The Politics of News in Colonial Algeria
Christine Philliou #294
Ottoman Governance and the House of Phanar
Daniel-Joseph Macarthur-Seal #293
Opium Smuggling in Interwar Turkey and Beyond
Özge Samancı #292
19. Yüzyıl Osmanlı Saray ve İstanbul Mutfak Kültürü
Omnia El Shakry #291
Islam, Psychoanalysis, and the Arabic Freud
Emmanuel Szurek #290
The Politics of Turkish Language Reform
İrvin Cemil Schick #289
The Ottoman Erotic
Betty Anderson #288
Rulers, Rebels, and Rogues in Middle East History
Karen Rignall #287
Land and Labor in a Moroccan Oasis
Anne Marie Moulin #286
The Pasteur Institute and its Global Network
Peter Wien #285
Nationalism, Communism, and Fascism in the Modern Middle East
Antonis Hadjikyriacou #284
Insularity and Empire in Ottoman Cyprus
Eve Troutt Powell #283
Narratives of Slavery in Late Ottoman Egypt
Elias Muhanna #282
Compiling Knowledge in the Medieval Islamic World
Dana Sajdi #281
Nouveau Literacy in the 18th Century Levant
Ahmet Ersoy #280
Architecture and Late Ottoman Historical Imagination
Elizabeth Perego #279
Dark Humor from Algeria's "Dark Decade"
Muriam Haleh Davis #278
Development, Race, and the Cold War in Algeria
Jennifer Johnson #277
Decolonization, Health Care, and Humanitarianism in Algeria
Gábor Ágoston #276
War, Environment, and the Ottoman-Habsburg Frontier
Ali Yaycioglu #275
The Ottoman Empire in the Age of Revolutions
Yael Berda #274
Managing Population in Cyprus and Mandate Palestine
Shira Robinson #273
Both Citizens and Strangers in Post-1948 Israel
Lauren Banko #272
Nationality and Citizenship in Mandate Palestine
Aurélie Perrier #271
La prostitution en Algérie à l’époque Ottomane et française
Lori Jones #270
Disease and Landscape in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
Jonathan Wyrtzen #269
Colonialism and the Politics of Identity in Morocco
Nathalie Clayer #268
Religious Pluralism in the Late Ottoman Balkans
Julie Stephens #267
Religious Sentiment and Political Liberties in Colonial South Asia
Elyse Semerdjian #266
Gendered Politics of Conversion in Early Modern Aleppo
Omar Cheta #265
Capitalism and the Courts in 19th Century Egypt
Coşkun Tuncer #264
Ottoman Encounters with Global Capital
Nurçin İleri #263
Osmanlı İstanbul’unda Gece ve Sokaklar
Gwendolyn Collaço #262
Festivals and the Waterfront in 18th Century Istanbul
Melih Levi #261
Translating the Ottoman Novel
Philipp Wirtz #260
German Expatriates in Late Ottoman Istanbul
Marc Aymes #259
Provincial Histories of the Ottoman Empire
Alexis Wick #258
The Ottoman Red Sea
Michael Ferguson #257
African Diaspora in Ottoman Izmir
Lerna Ekmekçioğlu #256
Secular Dhimmis of the Republic
Armen T. Marsoobian #255
Armenian Photography in Ottoman Anatolia
Boris Adjemian #254
Inside the Nubarian Library
Sato Moughalian #253
The Life and Art of Ceramicist David Ohannessian
Nükhet Varlık #252
Tracing Plague in the Ottoman Empire
Eric van Lit #251
Ottoman Commentaries on Islamic Philosophy
Michael Tworek #250
Bobovius and the Republic of Letters
Kathryn Schwartz #249
A New History of Print in Ottoman Cairo
Liat Kozma #248
Marginalized Women in Khedival Egypt
Hoda Yousef #247
Literacies and the Emergence of Modern Egypt
Lorenz Korn #246
The German Imperial Fountain in Istanbul
Paolo Girardelli #245
Landscapes of the Eastern Question
Kishwar Rizvi #244
Neo-Ottoman Architecture and the Transnational Mosque

Season 5
Sarah-Neel Smith #243
Ecevit, Art, and Politics in 1950s Turkey
Isabella Alexander #242
Morocco’s New Migrant Class
Selim Deringil #241
Hugh Kennedy #240
Caliphate: an idea throughout history
Boğaç Ergene #239
Economics and Justice in the Ottoman Courts
Keith David Watenpaugh #238
The Middle East in the Making of Modern Humanitarianism
Keith David Watenpaugh #237
The Middle Class in the Modern Middle East
Saghar Sadeghian #236
Non-Muslims and the Iranian Parliament, 1906-1911
Liora Halperin #235
Linguistic Diversity in Mandate Palestine
Burak Onaran #234
Yemeğin Politik Tarihi
Nicolas Trépanier #233
Foodways in Medieval Anatolia
Valentina Pugliano #232
Venetian Physicians in the Ottoman Empire
Hilary Falb Kalisman #231
AUB and the British Mandates
Ellen Fleischmann & Christine Lindner #230
Women and the American Protestant Mission in Lebanon
Akram Khater #229
Gender, Politics, and Passion in the Christian Middle East
Yakoob Ahmed #228
Ottoman Ulema and the Second Constitutional Revolution
Alan Mikhail #227
Ottoman Iceland
Yaron Ayalon #226
Natural Disasters and Ottoman Social History
Edna Bonhomme #225
Experimenting with Plague in 18th Century Egypt
Nadir Özbek #224
Osmanlı'da Vergi Siyaseti (1839-1908)
Ayesha Ramachandran #223
Global Imagining in Early Modern Europe
Emine Fetvacı #222
Picturing History at the Ottoman Court
Palmira Brummett #221
Mapping the Ottomans
Karen Pinto #220
Mapping the Medieval World in Islamic Cartography
Eileen Kane #219
Russian Hajj
Roundtable #218
In Memoriam Vangelis Kechriotis
Molly Greene #217
Greeks in the Ottoman Empire
Elif Sezer #216
Okumak ya da Dinlemek
Cengiz Kırlı #215
The Ottoman Tanzimat in Practice
Ebru Boyar & Kate Fleet #214
Social Histories of Ottoman Istanbul
Amy Singer #213
Edirne Across Time
Samy Ayoub #212
Late Hanafi Law in the Ottoman Empire
Nina Ergin #211
The Ottoman Empire's Sonic Past
Sylvia Wing Önder #210
Health and Home in a Turkish Village
Yelins Mahtat #209
Folktales of the Middle Atlas
Zeynep Kutluata #208
Osmanlı'da Kadın ve Savaş
Reem Bailony #207
Transnationalism and the 1925 Syrian Revolt
Sherene Seikaly #206
Men of Capital in Mandate Palestine
Nazan Maksudyan #205
Women and Suicide in Early Republican Turkey
Vahé Tachjian #204
Reconstructing Ottoman Armenian Life
Rochelle Davis #203
Palestinian Village Histories
Elyse Semerdjian #202
Naked Anxieties in the Baths of Ottoman Aleppo
Özde Çeliktemel-Thomen #201
Early Cinema of the Late Ottoman Period
Ussama Makdisi #200
Rethinking Sectarianism in the Middle East
Guy Burak #199
The Second Formation of Islamic Law
Leyla Amzi-Erdoğdular #198
Late Ottoman Bosnia and the Imperial Afterlife
Michael Talbot & Güneş Işıksel #197
British-Ottoman Diplomacy and the Making of Maritime Law
Liat Kozma #196
Sexology in Hebrew and Arabic
Edhem Eldem #195
Following Ottoman Photographs
Vangelis Kechriotis #194
Ottomanism with a Greek Face
Ahmed Ragab #193
Islamic Hospitals in Medieval Egypt and the Levant
Nina Ergin #192
The Sociopolitical World of Ottoman Hamams

Season 4
Lale Can #191
Central Asians and the Ottoman Empire
David Gutman #190
Armenian Migration During the Late Ottoman Period
Aslı Iğsız #189
Cultural Policy and Branding in Turkey
Aurelie Perrier #188
Illicit Sex in Ottoman and French Algeria
Ozan Aksoy #187
Kurdish Alevi Music and Migration
Sara Nur Yıldız #186
New Perspectives on Medieval Anatolia
James Meyer #185
Turks Across Empires
Hadi Hosainy #184
Yeni Çağ Osmanlı Hukuk Sistemi'nde Kadın Mülkiyet Hakları
Sumaiya Hamdani #183
An Andalusi in Fatimid Egypt
Beth Baron #182
Missionaries and the Making of the Muslim Brotherhood
Nur Sobers-Khan #181
Slavery and Manumission in Ottoman Galata
Khaled Fahmy #180
Law and Order in Late Ottoman Egypt
Zeynep Türkyılmaz #179
Osmanlı İmparatorluğu'nda Gizli Hristiyanlar
Dina Khoury #178
Society and Politics in Ottoman Iraq
Sarah Stein #177
Saharan Jews in French Algeria
Yahya Araz #176
Osmanlı Toplumunda Çocukluk
Keith Watenpaugh #175
Syrian University Students and the Impacts of War
Jennifer Manoukian #174
Education, Politics, and the Life of Zabel Yessayan
Can Nacar #173
Osmanlı’da Tütün İşçileri
Chris Gratien #172
Migrant Workers in Ottoman Anatolia
Burcu Kurt #171
Osmanlı'da buz üretimi
Beshara Doumani #170
Writing the History of Palestine and the Palestinians
Daniel Stolz #169
Astronomy and Islam in late Ottoman Egypt
Özge Ertem & Graham Pitts #168
Silent Violence in the Ottoman Empire
Cem Behar #167
Bir İstanbul Mahallesinin Doğumu ve Ölümü (1494-2008)
Shay Hazkani #166
The Politics of 1948 in Israeli Archives
Joseph Moukarzel & Elie Elias #165
New Archives in Lebanon: Université Saint-Esprit de Kaslik
Ebru Aykut #164
Kocalarını Zehirleyen Osmanlı Kadınları
Emrah Safa Gürkan #163
Espías y el mundo mediterráneo (s. XVI-XVII)
Claire Gilbert #162
Between Sultans and Kings
Lerna Ekmekçioğlu #161
Reconstituting the Stuff of the Nation
Roundtable #160
Children and the First World War
Fatih Artvinli #159
Osmanlı'da Mecnun Olmak
Kent Schull #158
Inside Ottoman Prisons
Heghnar Watenpaugh #157
Imperial Architecture and Urban Experience in Ottoman Aleppo
Dimitris Stamatopoulos #156
Balkan Historiographies and the Legacies of Empire
Kadir Yıldırım #155
Osmanlı'da İşçiler
Donald Quataert & Ryan Gingeras #154
Miners and the State in the Ottoman Empire
Arianne Urus & Michael Polczynski #153
Figurative Littorals and Wild Fields
Avner Wishnitzer #152
Time and Temporal Culture in the Ottoman Empire
Chris Gratien & Emily Neumeier #151
Echoes of the Ottoman Past


Our ongoing series are the best way to browse our podcast episodes by theme or subject. We are currently in the process of curating some of these series and restoring older episodes that have been archived. The following series are currently available through our website and podcast feeds or under development:

What did it mean to pursue science in the Ottoman Empire? Who practiced it and why? And how should scholars approach the topic today? This series of podcasts introduces new research that challenges the traditional story of science in the Ottoman Empire. Setting aside long-held assumptions of the passive reception of European science or of a golden age stymied by religious obscurantism, these podcasts explore how artisans, scholars, and others made sense of the natural world.

"The Visual Past” showcases the latest research by scholars who explore the visual, spatial, and material culture that shaped the Ottoman world. The series addresses not only objects, images, and calligraphy, but also works of architecture that were themselves contexts for other media. It also explores transformations in technology that opened up new possibilities during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries for the popular dissemination of images through photographs, print media, and film.

"Urban Space in the Ottoman World" is a running series of podcasts dedicated to the history of Istanbul and other Ottoman cities. The podcasts bring forward the complexity of the Ottoman city, undermining strict definitions of the 'modern' or the 'Islamic' and simplifying categorisations of 'East' and 'West,' taking listeners outside of the palace to live the experiences of a wide range of social classes, dabble in the sights, sounds, and tastes of Ottoman urban spaces.

"Women, Gender, and Sex in the Ottoman World" is a series that pulls together women’s history and the history of gender and sex in the Ottoman Empire and beyond. It explores the particular historical experiences of women and girls based on the conviction that returning the lives, experiences, and ideas of women to the historical record will change the way we look at historical periods and transformations at large. It also investigates the ways in which gender and sexuality can serve as useful categories of historical analysis when studying politics, property, and governance.

The Archive

With time, most episodes drop from the podcast feed, but many of them can still be streamed via SoundCloud or directly in the blog. A list of our streamable archived episodes (organized by guest/presenter last name) is available below. If you are looking for an old episode and cannot locate it in the list or using the search box above, please contact us.

Slavery in a Global Context: the Atlantic, the Middle East and the Black Sea, Elena Abbott, Soha El Achi & Michael Polczynski (2/16/12)
World War I and the Ottoman Home Front, Yiğit Akın (8/23/2013)
Tedirgin Anadolu, Taylan Akyıldırım (2/15/13)
Earthquakes in Istanbul: Past Disasters and Anticipation of Future Risk, Elizabeth Angell (8/16/11)
Ottoman Migrations from the Eastern Mediterranean, Andrew Arsan (4/25/12)
Ottoman Alchemy, Tuna Artun (12/1/2014)
Pastoral Nomads and Legal Pluralism in Ottoman Jordan, Nora Barakat (7/24/12)
Karamanli Culture in the Ottoman Empire, Ayça Baydar (8/16/12)
Gelenekten Gelenekçiliğe: Osmanlı ve Müzik, Cem Behar (4/5/2013)
Plague in the Early Modern Mediterranean, Edna Bonhomme (10/4/2013)
Colonialism, Sovereignty, and Medical Practice, Philippe Bourmaud (8/16/2013)
Sultan ve Musahipleri, Günhan Börekçi (9/19/2013)
The Spread of Turkish Language and the Black Sea Dialects, Bernt Brendemoen (11/16/12)
Translating Pamuk, Bernt Brendemoen (2/1/13)
Anadolu'ya Bir Göç Öyküsü, Mehtap Çelik (7/4/2013)
Sufism and Society, John Curry (8/9/2013)
Arabs Through Turkish Eyes, Nicholas Danforth (12/26/2013)
Nations, Maps, and Drawing the Boundaries of Post-Ottoman Middle East, Nicholas Danforth (4/21/11)
Periodizing Modern Turkish History: Ottoman and Republican Continuities, Nicholas Danforth (4/19/12)
U.S.-Turkey Relations during the 1950s, Nicholas Danforth (6/6/11)
Geography, Knowledge, and Mapping Ottoman History, Nicholas Danforth & Timur Hammond (2/8/13)
I. Selim imgesi ve 17. yüzyılda Osmanli şehirlilerinin tarih algısı, Tülün Değirmenci (1/19/13)
Salonica in the Age of Ports, Sotiris Dimitriadis (2/23/2013)
Nation, Class, and Ecology in French Mandate Lebanon: AUB and 1930s Rural Development, Sam Dolbee (7/7/12)
Zanzibar: Imperial Visions and Ottoman Connections, Jeffery Dyer (12/1/12)
Ottoman Classical Music, Mehmet Uğur Ekinci (10/13/12)
Evliya Çelebi, Madeleine Elfenbein (8/7/12)
Darwin in Arabic, Marwa Elshakry (1/10/2014)
Hayretle Seyret, Nezih Erdoğan (11/3/2013)
Palestinianism and Zionism in the late-Ottoman era, Louis Fishman (12/16/12)
Drugs in the Middle East, Zachary J. Foster (7/13/12)
Ottoman Palestine: The History of a Name, Zachary J. Foster (9/6/12)
Ottoman Politics in the Arab Provinces and the CUP, Zachary J. Foster (3/26/12)
Ottoman Sources: Archives and Collections in Israel/Palestine, Zachary J. Foster (6/18/11)
Child and Nation in Early Republican Turkey, Yasemin Gencer (4/18/2013)
Christmas and Diplomacy in the Ottoman Empire during WWI, Chris Gratien (12/20/12)
History on the Internet, Chris Gratien (12/29/2013)
Komitas: a Biographical Mixtape, Chris Gratien (4/24/2013)
Muslim Families and Households in Ottoman Syria, Chris Gratien (3/1/12)
Ottoman Syria: Environment, Agriculture and Production, Chris Gratien (1/4/12)
Race, Slavery, and Islamic Law in the Early Modern Atlantic, Chris Gratien (1/18/2014)
State and Society in Ottoman Syria: an Historiographical Overview, Chris Gratien (9/28/11)
Turkey: a Bird and a Country, Chris Gratien (11/20/12)
Turkish Knockoff Toothpaste, Legal Imperialism, and Racist Product Marketing, Chris Gratien (12/26/11)
Zazaki and the Zaza people in Turkey: Languages of the Ottoman Empire, Chris Gratien (11/7/11)
Family and Property in Ottoman Lebanon, Zoe Griffith (11/17/2013)
The Ottoman Mediterranean: Corsairs, Emrah Safa Gürkan (10/26/12)
Deconstructing the Ottoman State: Political Factions in the Ottoman Empire, Emrah Safa Gürkan (5/3/12)
Dragomans, Emrah Safa Gürkan (5/24/2013)
State and Information in the Early Modern Mediterranean, Emrah Safa Gürkan (6/11/12)
Muslims in the Middle Kingdom, Kelly Hammond (3/1/2014)
Istanbul Neighborhoods: The History and Transformation of Eyüp, Timur Hammond (8/21/11)
Water and Politics on the Tigris, Julia Harte & Anna Ozbek (12/13/2013)
Women Literati and Ottoman Intellectual Culture, Didem Havlioğlu (9/24/12)
Jewish Citizens on Exhibit, Alma Heckman (10/18/2013)
Turkey and Russia After Empire, Onur İşçi (12/7/2013)
Diplomat bir Şehzade'nin portresi: II. Selim, Güneş Işıksel (1/4/13)
Osmanlı'da Siyasal Ağlar, Güneş Işıksel (5/31/2013)
Indian Soldiers and POWs in the Ottoman Empire during WWI, Vedica Kant & Robert Upton (12/28/12)
Girit Müslümanlarının Ada'da Son Yılları, Melike Kara (5/3/2013)
Kadı'nın Günlüğü, Selim Karahasanoğlu (7/26/2013)
Alevis in Ottoman Anatolia, Ayfer Karakaya-Stump (3/8/2014)
Regroupment Camps and Resettlement in Rural Algeria during the War of Independence, Dorothée Kellou (5/21/12)
The Crimean Khanate and the Ottoman World, Denise Klein (6/28/2013)
Lubunca: Sociolinguistics of Istanbul Slang, Nicholas Kontovas (12/20/2013)
Local Autonomy and the Tanzimat, Elektra Kostopoulou (7/11/2013)
Sex, Love, and Worship in Classical Ottoman Texts, Selim Kuru (8/1/12)
Kurdish Music Industry, Alev Kuruoğlu (8/2/2013)
The Enlightenment and the Ottoman World, Harun Küçük (10/25/2013)
Prostitution in the Eastern Mediterranean, Gary Leiser (3/25/2013)
Hydropolitics and the Hajj, Michael Christopher Low (4/12/2013)
Jafar al-Askari: Modernization, Martial Discipline and Post-Ottoman Iraq, Matthew MacLean (5/14/11)
The Lives of Ottoman Children, Nazan Maksudyan (3/22/2014)
Hidden Histories at the French Archives, Sandrine Mansour-Mérien, (9/11/2013)
Sources for Early Ottoman History, Christopher Markiewicz (5/10/2013)
Mountains, Climate and Ecology in the Mediterranean, John R. McNeill (5/1/11)
The Ottoman Scramble for Africa, Mostafa Minawi (2/1/2014)
Ecology and Empire in Ottoman Egypt, Alan Mikhail (9/16/12)
Wandering Physicians in Israel/Palestine, Anat Mooreville (12/28/2013)
The Journey of an Ottoman Painting, Emily Neumeier (11/24/12)
Dreams in Ottoman Society, Culture, and Cosmos, Aslı Niyazioğlu (8/13/12)
Producing Pera, Nilay Özlü (1/25/13)
Ottoman Sea Baths, Burkay Pasin (2/15/2014)
A History of Police in Turkey, Leila Piran (1/24/2014)
Agriculture and Autonomy in the Modern Middle East, Graham Pitts (11/9/12)
Approaching Lebanese History, Graham Pitts (3/30/2013)
An Armenian Merchant from Poland Visits Safavid Iran, Michael Polczynski (3/2/12)
Polonia Ottomanica, Michael Polczynski & Paulina Dominik (2/22/2014)
Gaze: Eyes, Seeing, and Being Seen in History and Society, Daniel Pontillo (12/30/11)
Across Anatolia on a Bicycle, Daniel Pontillo (12/27/2013)
Common Ground and Imagined Communities, Daniel Pontillo (3/16/2014)
American Missionaries in the Ottoman Empire, Scott Rank (7/11/11)
Transport and Public Space in Ottoman Istanbul, James Ryan (3/17/2013)
Yeni Askeri Tarihçilik (A New Approach to Military History), Kahraman Şakul (9/30/12)
Hat Sanatı (Islamic Calligraphy), Irvin Cemil Schick (10/7/12)
History of Science, Ottoman and Otherwise, Nir Shafir (9/27/2013)
Hello Anatolia: A Film, Valantis Stamelos (12/9/12)
Oil, Grand Strategy and the Ottoman Empire, Anand Toprani (4/4/11)
Crypto-Christianity in the Ottoman Empire, Zeynep Türkyılmaz (4/29/2013)
19. yüzyıl Türk Edebiyatı'nda Müzik, Melda Üner (3/21/2013)
Did the Ottomans Consider Themselves an Empire?, Einar Wigen (11/5/12)
Ottoman Qur'an Printing, Brett Wilson (3/3/2013)
Osmanlı Döneminde Bursa Otelleri, İsmail Yaşayanlar (8/30/2013)
Türkiye'de Tarih Öğretimi, Emrah Yıldız (5/17/2013)
Osmanlı'da Mahremiyetin Sınırları, Fikret Yılmaz (11/10/2013)
Painting the Peasant in Modern Turkey, Seçil Yılmaz (7/19/2013)
Galata and the Capitulations, Fariba Zarinebaf (2/8/2014)
Environmental History of the Middle East: Debates, Themes, and Trajectories (9/11/12)
Occupy Gezi: History, Politics, Practice (6/7/2013)
The Frontiers of the First World War, various scholars (11/25/2013)

OHP Türkçe

Osmanlı'da Kadın ve Savaş, Zeynep Kutluata (11/8/2015)
Osmanlı'da Kadın Mülkiyet Hakları, Hadi Hosainy (2/2/2015)
Osmanlı İmparatorluğu'nda Gizli Hristiyanlar, Zeynep Türkyılmaz (11/15/2014)
Osmanlı Toplumunda Çocukluk, Yahya Araz (10/26/2014)
Osmanlı’da Tütün İşçileri, Can Nacar (9/12/2014)
Osmanlı'da Buz Üretimi, Burcu Kurt (8/24/2014)
Los Espías (en Español), Emrah Safa Gürkan (7/9/2014)
Osmanlı'da Mecnun Olmak, Fatih Artvinli (6/14/2014)
Osmanlı'da İşçiler, Kadir Yıldırım (5/20/2014)
Osmanlı'da Mahremiyetin Sınırları, Fikret Yılmaz (11/10/2013)
Hayretle Seyret, Nezih Erdoğan (11/3/2013)
Sultan ve Musahipleri, Günhan Börekçi (9/19/2013)
Osmanlı Döneminde Bursa Otelleri, İsmail Yaşayanlar (8/30/2013)
Kadı'nın Günlüğü, Selim Karahasanoğlu (7/26/2013)
Anadolu'ya Bir Göç Öyküsü, Mehtap Çelik (7/4/2013)
Osmanlı'da Siyasal Ağlar, Güneş Işıksel (5/31/2013)
Türkiye'de Tarih Öğretimi, Emrah Yıldız (5/17/2013)
Girit Müslümanlarının Ada'da Son Yılları, Melike Kara (5/3/2013)
Gelenekten Gelenekçiliğe: Osmanlı ve Müzik, Cem Behar (4/5/2013)
19. yüzyıl Türk Edebiyatı'nda Müzik, Melda Üner (3/21/2013)
Tedirgin Anadolu, Taylan Akyıldırım (2/15/13)
I. Selim imgesi ve 17. yüzyılda Osmanli şehirlilerinin tarih algısı, Tülün Değirmenci (1/19/13)
Diplomat bir Şehzade'nin portresi: II. Selim, Güneş Işıksel (1/4/13)
Hat Sanatı (Islamic Calligraphy), Irvin Cemil Schick (10/7/12)
Yeni Askeri Tarihçilik (A New Approach to Military History), Kahraman Şakul (9/30/12)


David Lilker said...

I only recently discovered your archive of podcasts on Ottoman history. I just wish to thank you for providing such a wonderful resource.

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Enjoying your shows very much and learning a lot.
"Knowing history" makes such a difference in one's worldview of the present as well.
Many thanks.

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Guney Appalachia'dan selamlar, yayinlarinizi ilgiyle dinliyorum.

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Hey, I stumbled upon this website by some fortune that I'll consider as some sort of divine intervention. I haven't begun listening to the podcasts yet, but I'm sure I'll love it. This is exactly the sort of thing I've been looking for.
I'm not very well versed with history, especially Ottoman history. So I'd be extremely grateful if you could let me know where to start from. Thanks! :)

Lena said...

Hi, thanks for your work but seasons one and two have virtually disappeared since the last reorganisation of the site (the series division is not that practical I am afraid. Been looking for an episode for days!) even on soundcloud they require an awful amount of dig-out time! Could you please -please - reinstate on this page the complete list of old episodes before season 4?

Russell said...

New to site. I'm looking for an overview before diving into specifics themes. I.e. what was the Ottoman empire? When/how did it begin, development, to end. Please create a series. Thanks.

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