Study Sounds | E01 Crossing the Bosphorus

The Sea of Marmara, as seen from Kadıköy - May 3, 2014 (Source: Chris Gratien)
On a warm Saturday evening, you board a municipal ferry in Karaköy where the Bosphorus meets the Golden Horn for a short trip across to Istanbul's Asian side. With the sun coming down over the historical coastline, you enjoy the breeze as well as a hot, sweet cup of tea. As the boat docks at Kadıköy, you join the crowd of passengers hurrying off the ship towards the cafes and fast food joints near the water.

Study challenge: Your journey lasts just under thirty minutes. Try to write two pages before the boat reaches Kadıköy. When you hear the sounds of the engine and the boat's horn, it means you're almost there!

"Study Sounds" is an Ottoman History Podcast production. It offers authentic field recordings of Istanbul and elsewhere for use as pleasant background noise ideal for study or relaxation. For convenient downloading of our complete list of study sounds, click here. "Study Sounds" is recorded and produced by Chris Gratien.