Syrian University Students and the Impacts of War

with Keith Watenpaugh

hosted by Chris Gratien

The war in Syria has displaced millions of people, claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, and disrupted the education of countless students. In this interview, Keith Watenpaugh, a historian who has also researched the situation of Syrian students in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey, discusses the issues this young people face. He also places the obstacles confronting the “lost generations” of Syrian students within the context of other recent refugee crises.

Keith Watenpaugh is a historian of the Modern Middle East and Associate Professor of Modern Islam, Human Rights & Peace at University of California-Davis. (see
Chris Gratien is a doctoral candidate at Georgetown University researching the social and environmental history of the Ottoman Empire and the modern Middle East. (see

through  IIE / UC Davis Study on the Syrian Conflict, Refugee Crisis, and Higher Education

"We Will Stop Here and Go No Further: Syrian University Students and Scholars in Turkey"  (2014)
"The War Follows Them: Syrian University Students and Scholars in Lebanon" (2014)
"Uncounted and Unacknowledged: Syria’s Refugee University Students and Academics in Jordan" (2013)