Apr 18, 2015

Central Asians and the Ottoman Empire

with Lale Can

hosted by Chris Gratien

Within nationalist understandings of Turkish identity, connections between Central Asia and the people of modern Turkey are often conceived of in terms of ancient genealogy of Turkic peoples. But as our guest in this episode of Ottoman History Podcast Lale Can illustrates, much more recent bonds forged not by ethnic but rather spiritual affinity during the Ottoman period point to enduring connections between Central Asia and the Ottoman Empire maintained through migration and pilgrimage. In this episode, we discuss Dr. Can's work on Central Asians moving in the Ottoman Empire and the transformation of travel and pilgrimage during the late nineteenth century century.

Apr 11, 2015

Armenian Migration During the Late Ottoman Period

with David Gutman

hosted by Susanna Ferguson

For more than a century, waves of Armenian migrants have come to the United States variously seeking economic opportunity or fleeing political violence and persecution. In this episode, Susanna Ferguson sits down with David Gutman to discuss his research on the origins of Armenian migration to the United States and elsewhere during the late Ottoman period, and they explore how shifts in migration patterns reflected the broader political shifts in the empire during its last decades.

Apr 2, 2015

Cultural Policy and Branding in Turkey

with Aslı Iğsız

hosted by Chris Gratien and Nicholas Danforth

Countries, much like companies, must seek to present a certain image to the outside world in order to achieve political and economic goals. As our guest, Aslı Iğsız, demonstrates, this self-presentation can take the form of full-fledged marketing campaigns. In this episode, we explore the marketing policies and strategies adopted in Turkey and the broader Middle East during the past two decades and reflect on how they various match, contradict, and intersect with politics in practice.