Turkey and Russia After Empire | Onur İşçi

133.    New Friends or Old Foes?

The Russo-Ottoman rivalry was one of the defining dramas of the European political stage for centuries. When both of these empires gave way to new states following the First World War, a new period of Soviet-Turkish relations began. In this episode, Onur İşçi follows ups and downs of this relationship over the past century through a discussion of the interplay between domestic and foreign politics in Turkey.

Onur İşçi is a recent graduate of the doctoral program at Georgetown University's Department of History, where he currently teaches the Cold War in the Middle East (see academia.edu)
Nicholas Danfoth is a doctoral candidate at Georgetown University studying the history of modern Turkey (see academia.edu)
Chris Gratien is a doctroal candidate at Georgetown University studying the history of the modern Middle East (see academia.edu)

Citation: "After the Empires: Turkey and Russia in the Twentieth Century," Onur İşçi, Nicholas Danforth, and Chris Gratien, Ottoman History Podcast, No. 133 (December 7, 2013) http://www.ottomanhistorypodcast.com/2013/12/turkish-soviet-relations.html.

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