Mapping Ottoman History | Nick Danforth & Timur Hammond

Maps are as useful as they are problematic. They not only represent spaces in a particular way but also shape the way people interact with those spaces. In this episode, Timur Hammond discusses trends in scholarly approaches to cartography over the past decades as Nick Danforth and Chris Gratien unveil the new website the Afternoon Map, a collection of provocative and useful maps related to Ottoman and modern Turkish history.

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Nicholas Danforth is a PhD candidate studying the history of modern Turkey at Georgetown University (see
Timur Hammond is a PhD candidate in the Geography department at UCLA studying the social and cultural geography of modern Turkey
Chris Gratien is a PhD candidate studying the history of the modern Middle East at Georgetown University (see

Episode No. 92
Release date: 7 February 2013
Location: Feriköy, Istanbul
Editing and production by Chris Gratien
Bibliography courtesy of Timur Hammond

Citation: "Geography and Mapping Ottoman/Turkish History," Nicholas Danforth, Timur Hammond, and Chris Gratien, Ottoman History Podcast, No. 92 (February 8, 2013)

Maps mentioned in this episode include:

Marmara Canal
Plans for Soviet Invasion
What the Greeks Destroyed
Cihannuma Map of Bosphorus
Ottoman Map of North America
Tourist Map of Beirut
Illustrated Economy of Turkey

Note for the listener: This podcast is based in part on primary source research. It also makes use of publicly available information and draws from the following works below, which are also mentioned during the course of the episode. For the purposes of academic citation, we encourage you to consult these works. 


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