Agriculture and Autonomy in the Modern Arab World

with Graham Auman Pitts

hosted by Chris Gratien and Nicholas Danforth

The past years have shown how a period of transformation across the entire Middle East region can result in very different outcomes in different places. In this podcast, we discuss another historical period of transformation in the Middle East--the post-World War II era culminating with the year of 1958--and explore the economic backdrop of these events and their different outcomes in Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey and Egypt with particular emphasis on agrarian economy and the role of the United States.

Graham Pitts is a PhD candidate at Georgetown University focusing on Middle East environmental history
Chris Gratien is a PhD candidate studying the history of the modern Middle East at Georgetown University (see
Nicholas Danforth is a PhD student studying the history of modern Turkey at Georgetown University (see

Citation: "Autonomy and Agriculture in the Modern Arab World," Graham Pitts, Chris Gratien, and Nicholas Danforth, Ottoman History Podcast, No. 78 (November 10, 2012)

Note for the listener: This podcast is based in part on primary source research. It also makes use of publicly available information and draws from the following works below, which are also mentioned during the course of the episode. For the purposes of academic citation, we encourage you to consult these works as well. 

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Episode Music: Ilham Al Madfai - Mohamad Bouya Mohamad


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