World War I and the Ottoman Home Front

with Yiğit Akın

hosted by Chris Gratien and Seçil Yılmaz

While World War I was the result of a political conflict, it touched the lives of nearly every segment of Ottoman society in often tragic ways. Yet, the lived experience of Ottoman citizens on the home front is often an ignored aspect of the war's historiography. In this episode, Yiğit Akın offers a social history perspective on the conflict, focusing on basic questions like food, labor, and resources as they related to the war and giving particular attention to the experience of women and internally displaced peoples.

Yiğit Akın is an Assistant Professor of History at Tulane University
Chris Gratien is a PhD candidate in the Department of History at Georgetown University (see
Seçil Yılmaz is a doctoral candidate in the Department of History at City University of New York studying disease and medicine in the Ottoman Empire and modern Turkey (see

Episode Music: Erkan Oğur, "Hey Onbeşli" and "Yemen Türküsü"

Citation: "World War I and the Ottoman Home Front," Yiğit Akın, Chris Gratien, and Seçil Yılmaz, Ottoman History Podcast, No. 119 (August 23, 2013)

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Yiğit Akın, Chris Gratien and Seçil Yılmaz
Kurtuluş, Istanbul, July 2013
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Ottoman soldiers headed to the front, 1914

Ottoman soldiers receiving rations

The funeral procession of an Ottoman army officer

Activites of Red Crescent in Palestine during World War I

Women sift through dirt and dung for grain during Great Syrian Famine

Palestinians pushing locusts into a trap

Christian orphanage at Baquba, Iraq


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