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Season 7 Report

Season Overview by Nir Shafir
The seventh season of the Ottoman History Podcast came to a close in May 2018. Over the course of 50 podcasts we continued pushing forward new research on the Middle East. As many of our listeners know, our ambit goes far beyond the boundaries of the Ottoman Empire, and we now cover Islamic history at large throughout the Middle East and South Asia. This year, like the past seven years, our podcast's community has continued to grow, reaching over 33,000 followers on Facebook.
Episode Overview

We continued to feature new studies detailing unknown corners of the Ottoman past and revisiting well-tread ground. Leslie Peirce discussed her new biography of Roxelana or Hürrem Sultan, the wife of Süleyman I who became one of the most influential political figures of her day. Didem Havlioğlu talked to us about women as authors of Ottoman poetry through the life of works of Mihri Hatun. Zeynep Oktay Uslu spoke about dervish piety and Alevism in late medieval Anat…

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