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Currently, users in Turkey will be unable to access our content on Soundcloud due to that site's being blocked in Turkey. We are working on establishing a parallel feed to serve our audience in Turkey.

What's Next?

Since 2011, Ottoman History Podcast has been presented on the same web page in the same format. While we've made additions here and there, relatively little has changed on our page, which over the past four years has featured interviews with over 100 scholars and researchers about a variety of topics related to the history of the Ottoman and post-Ottoman worlds.

We are currently working to overhaul the website in order to make it more functional, update old content, and ensure greater continuity in the future. The following major changes are being made to the Ottoman History Podcast webpage:

1. Streamlining
With time, our page has gotten cluttered with items that make it harder to load or navigate on smartphones and tablets. As many of our users connect to the podcast using mobile devices, we are in the process of adjusting our page to make it more navigable for such users. We are removing excess images in order to conserve the amount of data required to load the page, and we are modifying elements that make it difficult to display the page on a wide variety of devices.

2. The Feed
Our podcast feed has suffered a very severe blow due to the incremental blockage of Soundcloud in Turkey as a result of changes in internet censorship. Recently, the entire Soundcloud page, which has hosted the Ottoman History Podcast for over one year, has ceased to function properly in Turkey. This means that neither our podcast feed nor the episode player are currently available in the country where the majority of our audience is found.

While some users in Turkey may be able to work around this issue, we want the page to be accessible to anyone. Currently, we are investing in the redevelopment of a parallel feed that will be accessible through iTunes in Turkey, and embedded players for our Turkish audience will be added to the page as well. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

3. Series
One of the major complaints from casual users and amateur history enthusiasts is that our episodes do not follow any particular order based on chronology. It is not only impossible but also pointless to listen to the podcast from beginning to end, since the episodes have no innately serial organization and some have been archived or moved with time.

In order to make navigating through our more than 200 episodes more manageable, we have begun organizing our episodes into running series on different themes in the history of the Ottoman Empire. Episodes can currently be browsed by topic on our Episode page, but these series will offer an even more cohesive framework for the episodes that better synthesizes the contributions of the many scholars who have appeared on the podcast over the years. These series will serve as the cornerstone of Ottoman History Podcast going forward, as we transform from a weekly internet radio program of randomly distributed interviews to a series of parallel conversations aimed for use in classroom environments.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to develop the Ottoman History Podcast website.

Chris Gratien
22 June 2015