"Little Pitchers Have Big Ears" | Children and the First World War

160.     War and Childhood in the Ottoman Empire

This episode offers a brief overview of some of the ongoing research in the study of children and childhood in the Ottoman Empire during the First World War as well as some comments by Nazan Maksudyan and Yahya Araz, organizers of a workshop entitled "Little Pitchers Have Big Ears: Social and Cultural History of Children and Youth During the First World War" held at Kemerburgaz University in May of 2014.

Complete list of papers:

Yahya Araz (Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi), History of Children and Youth in the Ottoman Empire
Nazan Maksudyan (İstanbul Kemerburgaz University), Antaram's Journey: Armenian Children on the Road
Chris Gratien (Georgetown University), The Wanderings of Plastic Brains: History's Children and the Legacy of War
Melis Süloş (CUNY), War, Orphans and Military Education in the Late Ottoman Empire
Hülya Adak (Sabancı University), Fiction & Testimonies: Reconstructing Childhood During Genocide
Didem Yavuz Velipaşaoğlu (Rutgers University/New Jersey Institute of Technology), Hereke Factory-Campus : The Craft of the Orphan
Ella Ayalon (Tel-Aviv University), Jewish Orphan Relief in Jerusalem during the First World War and Its Aftermath
İrfan Davut Çam (Dokuz Eylül University), Savaşın Savunmasız Öznelerine Renkli Bir Kılavuz: Çocuk Duygusu
Atacan Atakan (Boğaziçi University), War Effect: Children's Journals and Formation of An Ideal Child in the 1910s in the Ottoman Empire