Women, Gender, and Sex in the Ottoman World

curated by Susanna Ferguson and Seçil Yılmaz

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Women, Gender, and Sex in the Ottoman World is a series of podcasts that pulls together women’s history and the history of gender and sex in the Ottoman Empire and beyond. It explores the particular historical experiences of women and girls based on the conviction that returning the lives, experiences, and ideas of women to the historical record will change the way we look at historical periods and transformations at large. It also investigates the ways in which gender and sexuality can serve as useful categories of historical analysis (Scott, 1986) as they help us to better understand broad transformations in regimes of knowledge and politics, relations of property, forms of governance, and the nature of the state.

Currently our series contains 20 podcast episodes featuring 32 contributors available for play or download through our podcast feeds. Let us know what you'd like to hear next!

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by Susanna Ferguson and Seçil Yılmaz

The pairing of women’s history and the study of gender produces an inherent tension: while women’s history assumes the coherence of categories like “man” and “woman,” ascribing particular historical experiences to women and to men, studying gender means analyzing and interrogating the very categories on which women’s history is based. What did it mean, historically, to be a “man” or a “woman,” and what other gender categories might have been equally important in shaping social life? How did ideas about sex, biology, desire, gender roles, and the family change over time? Below, you’ll find groups of episodes which ask both questions about the historical experiences of women and about the historical construction of gender categories and norms. (click for more)

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Locating Women as Historical Actors

Historicized Households
Family and Property in the Ottoman World

Before and Beyond Taboos
Sex in the History of the Middle East

Interrogating Gender
Male, Female, and None of the Above

Boys and Girls, Men and Women
Histories of Children and Childhood

Nation and Gender
Gendered Politics in the Age of Nationalism