Urban Space in the Ottoman World

curated by Chris Gratien and Kalliopi Amygdalou

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"Urban Space in the Ottoman World" is a running series of podcasts dedicated to the history of Istanbul and other Ottoman cities. It examines unique aspects of Ottoman cities as well as parallels between urban spaces in the Ottoman world and elsewhere. It explores the city as an arena for politics, power struggle and intellectual fermentations; a space of social expression and negotiation; a product but also a generator of social and political action; a field of cultural interaction with the 'other'; a point of intersection of imperial, national and religious identities; a window to explore multiple histories and interactions; a palimpsest. The podcasts bring forward the complexity of the Ottoman city, undermining strict definitions of the 'modern' or the 'islamic' and simplifying categorisations of 'East' and 'West'. This series takes listeners outside of the palace to live the experiences of a wide range of social classes, dabble in the sights, sounds, and tastes of Ottoman Istanbul, and understand how people felt about the urban environment and used architecture and urban space as a means of political and cultural expression.

Currently our series contains 14 podcast episodes featuring 25 contributors available for play or download through our podcast feeds. Let us know what you'd like to hear next!

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Throughout the Ottoman period, the vast majority of the empire's population would have been broadly characterized as rural. But even as peasants and pastoralists made up the bulk of the Ottoman body politic, cities played a critical role in the making of the Ottoman state and its projection of power into the provinces. This running series on urban space in the Ottoman Empire is dedicated to the exploration of different political, socioeconomic, and cultural facets of Ottoman and post-Ottoman cities. (click to read more)

Echoes of the Ottoman Past
Layers of History in Modern Istanbul

Making Cities Ottoman new release
Urban Transformation and Ottoman Imperial Expansion

The Sociopolitical Landscape of Ottoman Istanbul new release
Life in an Early Modern City

Istanbul Neighborhoods
Cities within the City

Refashioned Cityscapes
Architecture in Ottoman Istanbul

The Age of Ports
The Late Ottoman Mediterranean

Enjoying the City
The Transformation of Leisure in late Ottoman Cities

Moving in the City
Social Histories of Infrastructure



ottoman empire said…
The Ottoman Empire is a Turkish-Islamic state, which existed between the years of 1299-1923. It has expanded its territory among Eastern Europe, Southwest Asia and North Africa and has become the most powerful empire in the world in 16. Century.
red joe said…
I am listening the episodes above. I like them! Thank you a lot, very nice job.

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