Season Three Roundup

The complete playlist (embedded below) for Season 3 of Ottoman History Podcast (E101-150 / 04-2013 - 04/2014) is now available for download through our Soundcloud page as well as our podcast feed (click for iTunes).

150. The Lives of Ottoman Children, Nazan Maksudyan (3/22/2014)
149. Common Ground and Imagined Communities, Daniel Pontillo (3/16/2014)
148. Alevis in Ottoman Anatolia, Ayfer Karakaya-Stump (3/8/2014)
147. Muslims in the Middle Kingdom, Kelly Hammond (3/1/2014)
146. Polonia Ottomanica, Michael Polczynski & Paulina Dominik (2/22/2014)
145. Ottoman Sea Baths, Burkay Pasin (2/15/2014)
144. Galata and the Capitulations, Fariba Zarinebaf (2/8/2014)
143. The Ottoman Scramble for Africa, Mostafa Minawi (2/1/2014)
142. A History of Police in Turkey, Leila Piran (1/24/2014)
141. Race, Slavery, and Islamic Law in the Early Modern Atlantic, Chris Gratien (1/18/2014)
140. Darwin in Arabic, Marwa Elshakry (1/10/2014)
139. History on the Internet, Chris Gratien (12/29/2013)
138. Wandering Physicians in Israel/Palestine, Anat Mooreville (12/28/2013)
137. Across Anatolia on a Bicycle, Daniel Pontillo (12/27/2013)
136. Arabs Through Turkish Eyes, Nicholas Danforth (12/26/2013)
135. Lubunca: Sociolinguistics of Istanbul Slang, Nicholas Kontovas (12/20/2013)
134. Water and Politics on the Tigris, Julia Harte / Anna Ozbek (12/13/2013)
133. Turkey and Russia After Empire, Onur İşçi (12/7/2013)
132. Ottoman Alchemy, Tuna Artun (12/1/2014)
131. The Frontiers of the First World War, various scholars (11/25/2013)
130. Family and Property in Ottoman Lebanon, Zoe Griffith (11/17/2013)
129. Osmanlı'da Mahremiyetin Sınırları, Fikret Yılmaz (11/10/2013)
128. Hayretle Seyret, Nezih Erdoğan (11/3/2013)
127. The Enlightenment and the Ottoman World, Harun Küçük (10/25/2013)
126. Jewish Citizens on Exhibit, Alma Heckman (10/18/2013)
125. Plague in the Early Modern Mediterranean, Edna Bonhomme (10/4/2013)
124. History of Science, Ottoman and Otherwise, Nir Shafir (9/27/2013)
123. Sultan ve Musahipleri, Günhan Börekçi (9/19/2013)
122. Hidden Histories at the French Archives, Sandrine Mansour-Mérien, (9/11/2013)
121. A Short History of Iraqi Refugees in Syria, Chris Gratien (9/2/2013)
120. Osmanlı Döneminde Bursa Otelleri, İsmail Yaşayanlar (8/30/2013)
119. World War I and the Ottoman Home Front, Yiğit Akın (8/23/2013)
118. Colonialism, Sovereignty, and Medical Practice, Philippe Bourmaud (8/16/2013)
117. Sufism and Society, John Curry (8/9/2013)
116. Kurdish Music Industry, Alev Kuruoğlu (8/2/2013)
115. Kadı'nın Günlüğü, Selim Karahasanoğlu (7/26/2013)
114. Painting the Peasant in Modern Turkey, Seçil Yılmaz (7/19/2013)
113. Local Autonomy and the Tanzimat, Elektra Kostopoulou (7/11/2013)
112. Anadolu'ya Bir Göç Öyküsü, Mehtap Çelik (7/4/2013)
111. The Crimean Khanate and the Ottoman World, Denise Klein (6/28/2013)
110. Occupy Gezi: History, Politics, Practice (6/7/2013)
109. Osmanlı'da Siyasal Ağlar, Güneş Işıksel (5/31/2013)
108. Dragomans, Emrah Safa Gürkan (5/24/2013)
107. Türkiye'de Tarih Öğretimi, Emrah Yıldız (5/17/2013)
106. Sources for Early Ottoman History, Christopher Markiewicz (5/10/2013)
105. Girit Müslümanlarının Ada'da Son Yılları, Melike Kara (5/3/2013)
104. Crypto-Christianity in the Ottoman Empire, Zeynep Türkyılmaz (4/29/2013)
103. Komitas: a Biographical Mixtape, Chris Gratien (4/24/2013)
102. Child and Nation in Early Republican Turkey, Yasemin Gencer (4/18/2013)
101. Hydropolitics and the Hajj, Michael Christopher Low (4/12/2013)


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